✿ Pokemon Tag ✿

Hello, guys and gals!

Today I thought I’d write up a quick little Pokemon tag. I’ve been in more of a video game mood than usual, which can perhaps be attributed to the stress of my new 9-5 job. 😛 While eagerly awaiting more news on Pokemon Sun and Moon and Pokemon Go I’ve been replaying Platinum– and catching up on the XY and XYZ series. I’m honestly charmed! Serena is actually a delightful heroine (which is refreshing after the spate of irritating and one-sided sidekicks we’ve been inundated with over the past several years). The Pokemon contest episodes, and Serena’s character arc in general, ended up being one of my favorite parts of the series.

Favorite Pokemon

My taste in Pokemon was once wide and varied. Alas, no more– a specific Pokemon type has stolen my heart! The first one listed is not that type, but its appearance should give you a hint. 😉




Audino is just so CUTE. I’m an absolute sucker for the pink-and-cream color scheme, and the frilly ears and tiny hands and feet completely sold it for me. I’m not terribly fond of its mega evolution (is that a bizarre mask-jacket combination??) but it’s impossible for me to refuse pastel colors, and the wing-ears and scalloped edges inspire delightful nostalgia for my Cardcaptor Sakura and CLAMP days.

(Side note: I always thought it was pronounced “aud-ee-no”, but apparently it’s “aud-ih-no”!)



Frankly, I found Espurr super creepy at first. It reminded me of a grey Kyubey.

Want to sign a contract?

But it was so sad and adorable in the anime that I changed my mind completely! It is now one of my favorites.



Klefki is one of those strange Pokemon that looks like something out of a lucid dream and was likely the result of a desperate need to fill new Pokemon quotas. I never got a chance to be truly skeptical, however, as I was introduced to Klefki in the short film “Pikachu, What’s This Key?” in which it was super cute and I fell in love.

The official Pokedex entry says “Klefki loves to collect keys and will confront opponents with a fierce jingle of their collection.”


So cute.



One of my first memories of Pokemon was in elementary school, where I played with my best friend’s Skitty figurine. Even though I was too cool for pink (an opinion which has clearly undergone a 180º shift over the last decade) we used it in all of our make-believe games, so I was psyched when I saw it in the anime for the first time! (We watched it on VHS tape. I feel positively archaic.)

That nostalgia, however, is why Skitty is firmly situated among its (mostly pink) cohorts on my dream team.



Slurpuff is a Pokemon that I felt an instant connection to. Not only is it the Meringue Pokemon– who doesn’t love sugary pastel confections?– it pretty much exclusively subsists upon sweets. And it’s pink! Despite its slightly questionable, clown-like look, I appreciate its overall aesthetic and character enough that were it real I would probably cuddle it forever.



It should come as no surprise that Sylveon occupies the final spot on my ideal team. It’s super cute, sports an adorable pastel pink/blue/white color scheme, and comes with flesh ribbons that caress its trainers arm as they walk together. What a perfect blend of sweet and utterly terrifying!

Favorite Gym Leader


If I could be any fictional character in any universe, I would be Valerie! Not only does she have a strong aesthetic sense, something I also value and try to incorporate into every aspect of my life, but Gym Freaks “also states that she used to be a model and as such can wear incredibly high heels.” Anyone who has encountered me in real life knows that I am a huge fan of heels, and despite being of Amazonian stature don three to four inch heels on a daily basis. Valerie is also a fashion designer who makes lovely, Pokemon-inspired designs, which is obviously super appealing to me!

Favorite City


I doubt anyone is surprised that my answer is Laverre City. My predilection for Fairy types is fairly obvious at this point, but I also love all things quaint and charming, and Fairy Central certainly fits the bill! I love enchanted English cottages and whimsical fairylands, and Laverre is the perfect marriage of both. Q v Q

That’s all from me! If anyone would like to do this tag, they are more than welcome– I’d love to see your favorite Pokemon and cities.

Happy sewing!

Lady Licorice