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✂ Making Victorian Dragonair: Part 2 – The Bodice ✂

Here we go with part 2 of Victorian Dragonair! Fun fact: this wasn’t intended to be a cosplay in the beginning, simply a semi-accurate 1860s evening gown, but in order to enter the SacAnime Masquerade the costume needed to be based on Japanese pop culture. Accordingly, I chose Dragonair, a Pokemon with a similar color scheme, and added little… Continue reading ✂ Making Victorian Dragonair: Part 2 – The Bodice ✂

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★The Making of Lady Three (Drakengard 3)★

*Made in early 2015, won Novice Craftsmanship at Fanime 2015* This post was originally written in September 2015 ~~~ Let me preface this by saying that Lady Three is the largest project I have attempted to date! It required multiple techniques that I was unfamiliar with and also a whole lot of planning– which I completely failed… Continue reading ★The Making of Lady Three (Drakengard 3)★