Vintage Vibes // Suri and Butterick B5748

Hi there!

Today’s topic will be my favorite dress pattern of all time– Butterick B5748, a retro ’60s reprint. (I know this isn’t cosplay, but as I prepare to make my 3rd and 4th iterations of this pattern I thought I should write at least a little bit about it!)


It’s a straightforward pattern, with a darted bodice, basic circle skirt, and option of a notched neckline and bows in the front and back. However, the fit is beautiful– it is the only pattern that has fit me straight out of the package so far!– and the proportions are very flattering. The deep scoop back is particularly attractive, and lends a touch of interest to such a simple dress!

This first version is made of a super pretty quilting cotton from JoAnn, purchased when I worked there. There wasn’t enough on the bolt, so the back of the bodice is solid dark blue, but it ended up looking quite nice anyways! I am wearing it over a corset, since I love the vintage shape it gives me, and if I weren’t a terribly lazy person I would also have made a petticoat to take advantage of the full skirt.



Cardigan: Nordstrom

Corset: Orchard Corset

Tights: Hue

Boots: Modcloth

Beret: Vintage

This second look is more appropriate office styling– please forgive my total lack of cosmetics, I shot this after work and I was in such a rush to take advantage of the last vestiges of natural light that I completely skipped the makeup. I only look a little dead.


Blazer: Thrifted

Heels: Modcloth

This last look actually features the first dress I ever made from this pattern! It’s really more of a wearable muslin, as I took a lot of shortcuts and the zipper installation is nothing short of absolutely dreadful. It’s also made of quilting cotton– I swear my next version will be something else!– which was about $3/yard. Clearance sections are incredible.

Forgive the poor quality and strange poses… This was my first time attempting a self shoot, I was using a terrible remote with no timer, and I couldn’t figure out how to stop the flash from going off!


This really shows off the deep back! And the slight rash from my itchy wool cardigan…
Cardigan: Vintage

Shoes: Modcloth

And a bonus shot I took of my little sister. She came out to see what I was doing since I was shooting right outside her window and making all sorts of weird noises when I couldn’t get the camera to focus. :’D


I hope everyone tries this pattern in the future! It’s simple, lovely, and appropriate for pretty much any occasion depending on the kind of fabric you make it up in.

Happy sewing!


Lady Licorice